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Discord are removing their Nitro Games catalogue on October 15th

By: Jak Connor | Internet & Websites | Posted: 3 days, 6 hours ago

Discord's Nitro subscription service has been live for over a year now and subscribers have had access to some free games in its library. Those games will now be ejected out of the service.


Discord has taken to their blog to announce a new reinvigorated plan focussed around bringing better quality of service to Nitro subscribers. The post reads that Discord has noticed that most of the Nitro subscribers weren't actually playing the available games, so they have decided that they will remove them next month.

The blog post reads "We learned a lot from all of you over the last year. Through your valuable feedback, it became clear that while we and some of you love these games, the truth is the vast majority of Nitro subscribers didn't play them."

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Here's why YouTube leaves up some 'controversial or offensive' videos

By: Jak Connor | Internet & Websites | Posted: Aug 28, 2019 @ 4:03 CDT

While YouTube is certainly no stranger to controversy, the CEO of the platform, Susan Wojcicki has explained why sometimes the company allows for video's to stay online that are inherently offensive or controversial.


In Wojcicki's quarterly letters, she explains that YouTube is in a continuous struggle with users' content being uploaded to the platform being labeled as 'controversial or even offensive'. She says that sometimes is good for the platform to leave some controversial content online, as it proves that YouTube is and open platform that wants to learn from a range of different perspectives.

Wojcicki says that YouTube's "commitment to openness is not easy" and that "hearing a broad range of perspectives ultimately makes us a stronger and more informed society." Despite the backlash on certain pieces of content being flagged for take down, Wojcicki says that these 'problematic' videos make up "a fraction of one percent" of the content uploaded to YouTube. Therefore, the vast majority of the content on the platform outweighs the potential harmful impact of these purportedly 'controversial' videos.

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Australian PM to BAN domains that distribute 'terrorism-level' content

By: Jak Connor | Internet & Websites | Posted: Aug 26, 2019 @ 6:12 CDT

Australia has announced their fight against online platforms distributing 'extremism' content through blocking domains that are found to be holding and publishing explicit content.


Australia's Prime Minister, Scott Morison has announced that the country will be moving forward with their efforts to not allow for crises attacks to distributed on online platforms in their country. An example of this was the recent Christchurch massacre that occured in New Zealand, or the recent manifesto that was published on 8Chan.

The nations's eSafety Commissioner will be the one determining what content can be viewed and what cannot through and yet-to-be-established internet framework. These efforts for internet content blockage are to simply not allow for terrorists of any kind to glorify their conquests through social status, Australia is currently contemplating legislation that will force internet companies to improve their safety measures for users.

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Official government emails linked to exposed hentai porn site data

By: Jak Connor | Internet & Websites | Posted: Aug 21, 2019 @ 1:03 CDT

Most people on the internet are ashamed of their porn searchers, and don't really want that information disclosed to the public. Well, Luscious users should be worried because their user data, searchers, email address and everything else that would be considered personal information was free to grab.


According to the team at vpnMentor, Luscious' account holders had their usernames, email address, activity logs, locational data and much more free for the taking for all 1.195 million users. vpnMentor does say that the data hasn't been stolen as of yet but it was completely accessible, here is what they said "Our team was able to access this database because it was completely unsecured and unencrypted".

vpnMentor also says that they were able to access user accounts 'uploads' section meaning that people could possibly connect their already exposed email addresses, usernames with whatever videos the account has uploaded. This could result in a connection between the account holders real-life name and the video seen on the website, throw into the mix location data and we have a worrisome combination.

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Choosing a VPN for gaming: Here's what you need to know

By: Sponsored Content | Internet & Websites | Posted: Aug 16, 2019 @ 11:41 CDT

Using a VPN is the best way for internet users to protect their privacy online. But did you know that a VPN also has benefits for gamers? Gamers might opt to use a VPN for several reasons. With a VPN, players can access games that aren't available in their area, conceal their IP address, and protect their data from vulnerabilities in gaming servers. That said, not all VPNs on the market are right for gamers. There are a few things you should pay special attention to when choosing a VPN for gaming, which we'll tell you all about in this article.

How to Choose a VPN for Gaming

When it comes to selecting a gaming VPN, the number of options is overwhelming. To make this process simpler, we've listed some of the essential features to consider before deciding on a VPN. Here are the things to keep in mind when choosing a VPN for gaming.


Fast Speeds

A secure VPN will slow down your speeds to an extent. But some VPNs are faster than others, especially if they have lots of high-bandwidth servers. Since tons of data passes between your device and the gaming server each second, a fast connection is essential. You'll want to consider bandwidth and Mbps speeds when making your choice. Opt for a VPN with speeds that are as close as possible to the speed you get with your ISP.

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Google insider drops 950 pages and a laptop to DOJ over political bias

By: Anthony Garreffa | Internet & Websites | Posted: Aug 13, 2019 @ 21:30 CDT

Google is in for a world of hurt tomorrow with Project Veritas set to put another crack into Pandora's Box with another exclusive -- a Google insider who has provided 950 pages of documents, and a laptop, to the Department of Justice's Antitrust division on Friday.

Download the 1000+ pieces of insider info from Google right here, and have your own sift through all of the information leaked.

This proof highlights the fact Google "created algorithms to hide its political bias within artificial intelligence platforms - in effect targeting particular words, phrases and contexts to promote, alter, reference or manipulate perceptions of Internet content" reports Sara A. Carter.

The documents that the Google insider gave to the DOJ will "provide proof that Google has been manipulating the algorithms and the evidence of how it was done". Google itself claims it is doing no evil, with CEO Sundar Pichai telling the House Judiciary Committee in December 2018 that it was not biased against conservatives.

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UK dark web drug dealers busted selling cocaine for Bitcoin

By: Anthony Garreffa | Internet & Websites | Posted: Aug 12, 2019 @ 22:14 CDT

A handful of UK-based dark web drug dealers have been busted selling cocaine (or a Class A drug) on the dark web, dealing with Bitcoin. The group sold the drugs on the dark web under the brand 'Project4'.


Thames Valley Police said that Colin McCabe, 39, Toby Woods and Robert Price, both 36 made over £1 million ($1.2 million) selling Class A drugs on the dark web. The FBI discovered the trio, who were using Bitcoin to hide from authorities and selling drugs as far away as Australia.

McCabe was the leader of the dark web gang, jailed for 12 years after he admitted conspiracy to supply drugs that included cocaine, cannabis, and ketamine. Price was jailed for 9 years and 9 months after he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply drugs, while Woods was sentenced to 14 months after confessing to entering into, or being concerned in the acquisition or control of criminal property.

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8chan owner says site takedown was 'sinister behavior'

By: Anthony Garreffa | Internet & Websites | Posted: Aug 6, 2019 @ 10:29 CDT

Most people might not be aware but 8chan was taken down in the last 48 hours, with it being removed from its host Cloudflare, moved to BitMitigate (but then THEY were shut down) and now Jim Watkins -- the owner of 8chan, has responded:

Watkins goes into detail in a new video on YouTube addressing the world about the El Paso mass shooter, who allegedly posted a manifesto to 8chan (but this hasn't been proven by the mainstream media or authorities). Watkins however, says that it was first published to Instagram and not 8chan (yet why isn't Instagram being taken down).

He said: "First of all, the El Paso shooter posted on Instagram, not 8chan. Later, someone uploaded the manifesto. However, that manifesto was not uploaded by the Walmart shooter. I don't know if he wrote it or not, but it was not uploaded by the murderer that is clear".

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How to Choose The Best VPN Service

By: Sponsored Content | Internet & Websites | Posted: Aug 5, 2019 @ 18:39 CDT

In a world where technology develops incredibly fast, it is imperative to think about security. Protection from fraudsters trying to gain access to your email, your bank details, and even your own identity is becoming increasingly difficult. Internet users continue to lose data using unsecured networks.

Thanks to the widespread use of Wi-Fi in such public places as hotels, airports, and cafes, you can work and chat wherever you want, but no one promised you that it would be safe. This is especially true for users who prefer to work remotely. Just one mistake can endanger the whole company you work for. Loss of personal data can also turn into big trouble. To avoid these problems, VPN service should be used.

What are Virtual Private Networks, and For What Purpose are They Used?


Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology that allows you to create a secure connection between the global network and your computer. Instead of directly connecting to the Internet, you connect to your VPN through an Internet provider, and then your VPN connects to the world wide web. This allows you to safely and confidentially use the Internet from any location you choose, hiding your actual location and data from the websites you visit.

Using a VPN gives you these benefits:

  • Improves your privacy by hiding your real IP address;
  • Provides you with secure access to both public and private Wi-Fi connections;
  • Gives you access to sites that are inaccessible for geographical reasons;
  • Protects relevant confidential data stored on your computer and transmitted by you;
  • Encrypts all traffic going to and from your computer, protecting you from those who want to read your correspondence or viewing history.

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YouTube Premium will soon allow 1080p video downloads

By: Anthony Garreffa | Internet & Websites | Posted: Aug 4, 2019 @ 21:31 CDT

I can't believe it has taken until the end of 2019 to get here, but we're nearly here -- in a world where YouTube allows video downloads at 1080p, at least with YouTube Premium.


Android Police were the ones to first spot the update, with multiple sources then confirming that the 1080p video download feature will be coming out to "most Premium markets" soon, as well as more features in the near future.

The limitation has been at 720p for a while, but the uprgade to 1080p is a big one (and hopefully 4K doesn't take this long). You'll need to have a YouTube Premium subscription in order to get 1080p downloads, but it should be enough... right? Or do you think it should be all resolutions, right now?